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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Just Don’t Feel Right

“ I just don’t feel right” I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that.
Basically, there are two types of people.

Type (1) These are people who, for all intents and purpose, have cast their health to the wind. They live their life helter skelter, eating and drinking everything in sight with little or no regard to the fallout of such a lifestyle. Of course these people “just don’t feel right”. These people need wholesale changes in their lifestyles to even begin to feel better. Then there is type (2). These are the people who do everything right. They eat good food, they exercise and they’ve spent a zillion dollars on the best supplements. They’ve even tried Reiki, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Chiropractic and a half-as-dozen other modalities. These are all good things and they all have value. However, many of these types (2’s) still “ just don’t feel right”.

Perhaps you have parasites! I know what you’re saying,” I’ve done many parasite cleanses, parasites are not an issue with me”. Did you know that parasite cleanses only kill parasites in the intestinal tract? What about the parasites that might be in you’re brain? you’re heart? you’re eyes?, liver, pancreas etc. Parasites can and will settle anywhere in the body. Did you know that with world travel by tourists, armed forces and immigrants as well as imported foods, every possible parasite is being spread every where?

Did you know that the parasite-Fasciolopsis buski-a human intestinal fluke, in the body with solvent “x” causes cancer? The same fluke with a different solvent causes diabetes. Same fluke with a different solvent causes endometriosis, different solvent AIDS, ms and so on. Until these are killed, you will never, ever be totally well. Parasites that are outside the intestinal tract require a different modality to rid them. If they are inside the cells, a different step needs to be taken first. Then after they are killed the damage left behind needs to be repaired.

We must evict these unwanted tenants from our bodies and clean house. Give your body a fighting chance to win. I believe in my heart that ridding the body of parasites is the missing link to optimum wellness.

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  1. This article brings tears to my eyes. and Joy to my heart.It is something that i have believed for a long time. I found a book By Dr Hulda Regehr Clark a long time ago and her findings were similer as far as i could tell. The reason i am saddened is because i know of people who have some of these very disease and don't give this kinda of redimys the time of day, and think that i am lunnie for believing such things.
    As for me I am totally sciked to have this source of info and availability for such matters.
    Thank you again